Ductless Air Conditioning West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Ductless Air Conditioning Information

ductless air conditioning west palmWest Palm Beach ductless air conditioning is a system that uses a very small, pipe ran from the condensing unit outside to the small wall mount baseboard type conditioning units. These smaller units can be placed throughout your home, and with minimal destruction, the piping can be ran to the main condensing unit. This allows you to control each zone either at the zone on the air conditioner or from a remotely placed Western union fees thermostat control. Most of these systems allow for expansion for other zones, but this should be planned before you purchase a unit, if you may have that need in the future. Just remember us when you need West Palm Beach air conditioning repair, because we handle conventional as well as ductless systems.

Older homes that may not be able to withstand the type of demolition that it takes to install full sized West Palm Beach ductwork, can benefit from this ductless West Palm Beach air conditioning system the most, allowing you to add comfort and reliability to any room with minimal effort. The single zone system will consist of the wall or ceiling mounted unit, the piping, and the condensing unit. When you add zones to the system you will be adding wall or ceiling mounted units (looks like a baseboard heater or bathroom exhaust fan) and the necessary piping to connect it with the exterior condensing unit (looks like regular air conditioning unit).

The size of the outdoor condensing unit will depend on the total number of zones you need and whether or not you want to be able to expand the system into more zones in the future.